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Informative Interview

About Us

OFA LLC is a registered entity in the State of Maryland and a startup business in climate and finance policy initiatives. The mission of OFA LLC is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy through the mobilization and sensitization of private and public capital towards climate-friendly investments and activities. OFA LLC aims to bridge the gap between climate policy and finance by developing innovative financial instruments, products, and services that can attract investment and support climate action at scale.

Chief Executive Officer

Abimbola Afolabi 

Abimbola is a Scrum Master certified professional with a master’s degree in Managerial Psychology from the Premier University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His expertise in agile project management, combined with his understanding of human behavior in the workplace will help to effectively manage teams and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. As the Managing Director, he is skilled in communicating a clear vision and strategy for the organization and adept at navigating complex stakeholder relationships. His knowledge of climate policy initiatives combined with his managerial expertise will effectively balance the financial and social objectives of the organization, while also promoting a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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Olayinka Afolabi

Olayinka is a Chartered Certified Accountant from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) United Kingdom and with a master’s degree in policy management from Georgetown University.  Her expertise in financial management, accounting principles, and policy analysis, is well-suited and will help the organization navigate the complex financial and regulatory landscape of climate finance. Additionally, her knowledge of climate-related financial instruments, such as green bonds and carbon credits, will help the organization attract capital and promote investments in climate-friendly projects.

Management Consultant

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Faith Gbadamosi

Faith is a recent graduate of Sustainability Management at American University. She brings a deep understanding of sustainability principles and practices and is well-equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques to help our organization address complex environmental challenges. With a strong focus on sustainability, Faith is committed to driving a positive impact on our planet, while also ensuring business success. She has a demonstrated track record of delivering results and driving innovation in sustainable business practices.

Program Director

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