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Green Bonds and Sustainable Finance

Facilitates investments in green bonds, sustainability-linked loans, and other financial instruments that raise capital specifically for environmentally friendly projects.


Carbon Trading and Offsets

Engages in carbon trading or offer carbon offset programs, allowing businesses and individuals to invest in projects that reduce or capture carbon emissions to compensate for their own emissions.


Climate Risk Assessment and Management

Offer services to assess and manage climate-related risks in investment portfolios and business operations. This can include evaluating the potential financial impact of climate change on assets and providing strategies to mitigate these risks.


Consulting and Advisory Services

Provides consultation on sustainability strategies, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations, and help clients align their financial goals with climate-related objectives.


Impact Investing on Gender Equality

Offers opportunities for impact investing, allowing individuals and institutions to invest in projects with positive environmental outcomes while seeking financial returns.


Research and Data Analysis

Conduct research, data analysis, and market intelligence on climate-related trends, opportunities, and challenges to guide investment decisions.


Clean Technology Investments

Invest in or support startups and companies that develop clean technologies, sustainable products, and innovative solutions for addressing climate change.


Partnerships and Collaboration

Collaborate with governments, international organizations, NGOs, and other stakeholders to create innovative financing mechanisms and accelerate climate action.


Capacity Building

Offers training and capacity-building programs to educate stakeholders about climate finance, sustainability practices, and responsible investment.


Blended Finance for climate


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